• Taiwan Round Island 11 Days Special Tour
    $2,899.00 & UP
  • Taiwan Round Island 8 Days Special Tour
    $1,169.00 & UP
  • Taiwan Western 7 Days Special Tour
    $2,368.00 & UP
  • Taiwan Eastern 7 Days Special Tour
    $2,259.00 & UP
  • Taiwan Round Island 8 Days Supervalue Tour
    $899.00 & UP


We strive to provide the best Taiwan Tour experience. IN TAIWAN, WHERE MOST LOCALS CONSIDER EATING A NATIONAL PASTIME, IT IS SAID THAT THERE IS A SNACK SHOP EVERY THREE STEPS AND A RESTAURANT EVERY FIVE. The combination of eat and play in Taiwan attract many tourists to Taiwan every year to savor Chinese specialties searching for lasting memories. At JV Vacation, we wish to provide everyone with an opportunity to experience mouthwatering Taiwanese delicacies and to explore the beautiful island of Formosa. Founded in 2013 by Jenny Chang and Vicky Chen, JV Vacation offers exclusive travel services and opportunities.

JV VACATION PROVIDES IN-DEPTH SPECIAL TOURS FOR TRAVELERS WHO REALLY WANT TO EXPLORE THE UNIQUE TASTES AND EXTRAORDINARY SCENES IN THEIR TAIWAN VACATION. JV Vacation specializes in creating wholesale packages but also offer customizable tours for travelers in need of tailor-made schedules. Our packages include but are not limited to: Taipei Daily tours in Taipei, Eastern Coastline In-depth scenic tours, Western Taiwan In-depth humanities tours and Round Island Taiwan tours. Our speciality TAIWAN Railroad Tour also provides a luxurious and relaxing way to explore the beautiful island. Stops at smaller cities such as Yilan, Hualien, Taitung to scenic spots like Taroko Gorge and culture hotspots including Bunan Tribe village deliver life-enriching travel experiences to every corner of Formosa. Trip extensions to south-eastern are also offered to ensure our customers receive top services and accommodations at great value.


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Visit or call 1-866-884-8843

We are located at 9424 Las Tunas Dr., Temple City, CA 91780



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